Human Capital
The ›human capital‹ in the game of the markets.
The net is a metaphor. Originally a weapon or trap, it is now used as a filter that suggests a neutral, topological visualization.
The economic as well as social status of people is reduced to relationships in the network. Considered as cultural capital, these connections are options that can be quickly accessed, but which are just as quickly dropped again.
To demonstrate this, spatial arrangements were calculated. Filled volumes represent the people in the corporate network.
The amber-like appearance, with its many refracted reflections, symbolizes the values of these relationships as well as the problematic inclusions:
The human being as a prisoner in these networks, as insecurity in relation to fixed employment relationships, since he can fall through the cracks again and again.
In cooperation: Martin Grothmaak, Projekttriangle Design Studio
Project: Allianz Global Investors / Project M
RAW Type Augmented Reality